GSQ8: Digouters Adventure Story in Halcyon days

I’ve posted another piece from GSQ8 today, but I didn’t publish it here. Naw, I went and put it in the Retronauts blog. Remember the Retronauts blog? Yonder text stream which was for a brief, glorious time one of the best and most consistently published resources about classic games on the Internet? I don’t usually toot my own horn, but seriously, the blog was kind of amazing for a while. I want to make it great again… well, actually, I want to make it exist again, after which we can focus on reshaping it toward greatness. I figure kicking it off with this lookback at Mega Man Legends, one of those rare articles that I’m sincerely proud of, should make for a good start. Please, give it a read.

And if you have a spare copy of Legends and its sequels… I’m, um, interested in working out some sort of trade for them. It was pretty dumb of me to give them up earlier this year, however much I may have needed the cash at the time. Looking at the screenshots in this article made me realize what a dope I am. Seriously, guys, money is the worst.

Also! Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next 24 hours, GameSpite Quarterly Journal 9 will go up on the Blurb store Monday morning. That 20% off coupon I posted a little while ago should be good till the end of the month, and I want to make sure any interested parties have a week or two to make use of it.

And I’m reviewing Catherine this weekend. And putting together 1UP Presents Issue 2. Yes, I’ve heard of “free time” and “taking a break,” but I’ve never quite gotten the hang of them, I’m afraid.

3 thoughts on “GSQ8: Digouters Adventure Story in Halcyon days

  1. Actually, I have a copy of MML the first sitting around that isn’t doing much of anything since I played it through (for the first time shortly after reading your article) a few months ago.

  2. I’d love to help you out, but we traded away our Legends 2 (I think) to someone else some years back. :(

    The fact that these games are so hard to get re-released here (but not in Japan) would probably be an interesting study in rights-management. Seems Capcom has a hard time re-releasing a lot of their old games, at least in North America (and maybe Europe).

  3. I have both of the MM Legends games but there is no way I’m ever giving them up! They’re two of my absolute favourite games!

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