GSQ8: Punch drunk chunk

You know, I never did play Street Fighter EX, but in the cold light of retrospection its chunky-as-heck interpretations of familiar characters is almost as fascinating as its totally bizarre new challengers. Anyway, you should read this article, because it will make your brain sparkle with delight. Sparkle, I say!

4 thoughts on “GSQ8: Punch drunk chunk

  1. I was obsessed with this game as a kid. Too bad I only owned an N64.

    See, Skullomania is a cool design. I was really disappointed by the new characters in SFIV. Nothing screams “I’m never going to pick you” like Abel and Rufus.

    • Agreed. I don’t think SF has ever created as terrible a character as Rufus.

      I’ve been beaten by plenty of Abel players, though. But I’m pretty terrible at SFIV, though I do enjoy it (not the 3DS version, with that – ugh- d-pad), but then again, I’ve been beaten by nearly every character plenty of times.

      I enjoyed EX back in the day, but quickly forgot about it when SF Alpha 3 hit. How are the sequels?

  2. The world needs more Skullomania. I can only assume Capcom lost the licence somehow, because he’d be a welcome addition to any fighter lineup.

    • As far as I know his design is owned by Arika who developed the EX games and not Capcom.

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