GSQ8: Hello. Follow me.

The print proof of GameSpite Journal 9 arrived today, and it is hands-down the best looking issue we’ve put together. I finally figured out the ideal text styling, with a loose baseline underlying a slim serif font and lots of white space around the page edges. The formatting did bump up the page count by around a folio’s worth, but I feel like the concomitant price increase of one dollar is worth the tradeoff for having a book that is genuinely appealing to the eyes. It only took, what, two and a half years to get the layout and formatting perfected? Sigh.

That being said, with GSJ9 so close to launching, I really need to double-time it on the content from the previous issue. For some reason I’ve been kind of distracted lately when it comes to reposting that stuff here. Huh, go figure. But yeah, here’s Jake Alley’s brief-but-to-the-point look back at the first two Oddworld games. I wish someone would make 2D games as beautiful and meticulously crafted as this these days. Abe’s adventures are children of a lost era.



3 thoughts on “GSQ8: Hello. Follow me.

  1. I finally finished GS8 last week, and it’s the first Gamespite book that I’ve read cover-to-cover, each article in sequential order.

    I missed out on most of what made the PS1 so great, so reliving the “narrative” of the original Playstation’s lifecycle through that book was a unique experience I’ve never had with a piece of games-writing before. I hope future GS console retrospectives continue to follow that formula.

  2. man, after abe 1+2 all the oddworld games were soul crushingly disappointing. i LOVED those first two games so much(and still do).

  3. Hello. Hello. Follow me. Wait. Hello. Hello. Follow me. Wait. Hello. Wait. Follow me. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Hello. Wait. Follow me. Wait. Hello.

    So much joy.

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