Straight shooting?

As a kid who grew up in the early ’80s reading Marvel comics, and who regarded the New Universe venture as a fascinating (albeit unreachably overpriced) experiement, I find the blog of early-’80s-Marvel-EIC Jim Shooter to be a completely engrossing read. Shooter has been dishing some really amazing inside stories of Marvel of the ’70s and ’80s, and provided you know how to mentally filter the text for his knack for self-glorification and bland backbiting, you can enjoy some really great anecdotes.

I’m kind of jealous, though. My own tenure as an EIC seems tragically bland next to his. I missed out on the glory days of the games press, I guess. You know, back when a bunch of magazine writers would snort cocaine off a communal hooker’s butt while playing Yoshi’s Island, or whatever.

By the way, I hope you’ve been keeping up with the Daily 1UPdate! I’m really happy with how the first few episodes have turned out. I embedded the first episode the other day, but take a moment to check out the second and third, won’t you?

And don’t worry, I won’t always be front-and-center in every episode like I am this week. The idea is to have a different person “host” each week’s episodes. I’ll fade into the background soon enough!

17 thoughts on “Straight shooting?

  1. Might it be possible to have an option for a lower-quality video feed? My Internet connection struggles a bit with the current videos, and it’d be nice to have a lower-bandwidth option.

    • Yeah me too. That and/or iTunes/Downloadable versions. Anyway. the show is great.

  2. I’ve definitely been enjoying the Daily 1Update and I hope the RSS feed is one day updated so I can grab them through iTunes as well.

    • Yeah, i’d like this, as well. I’m not really one for video shows, but video podcasts are much more in sync with how I use the internets.

  3. Gary Groth has tried to pick apart pretty much everything Shooter has said in that blog, and Peter David randomly pops up to defend Shooter. I would say it’s all worth reading, but really, it all just seems pretty sad to me.

      • We moved to a new freaking office, reorganized the staff, and I’ve been acclimating to my new role. Jesus, what do you want?

      • I know what I want: a four-to-five hour indepth discussion of Battle of Olympus, featuring every at least 12 participants. Please release said episode of Retronauts on vinyl, as well. Many thanks.

  4. The episodes are great. They are a little stiff sometimes, but I guess that will stop a soon as you guys get more used to it.

    More please!

  5. Any chance of the Daily 1UPdate videos getting their own news post on 1UP? I rely on my RSS feed to inform me of new things on 1UP and when the videos are just posted on Game Videos they don’t appear in the RSS feed. I had no idea videos for days 2 and 3 were posted until you linked to them here.

  6. I’ve been a fan of Shooter’s work since reading the Valiant comics titles in the early 90’s that he wrote and edited.

    Shooter is a very smart and talented guy, but the amount of stories out there about him paint a picture of a guy who had, let us say, limited people skills.

    Shooter was also a very hands on guy, and from the tales, he was just what the disorganized, lunatics running the Asylum state of business and editorial at Marvel very much needed when he started.

    Things turned ugly though, as once he had fixed things, he couldn’t stop tinkering, couldn’t keep himself from continuing to “fix” things.

  7. I’m liking 1update!

    I remember reading a huge-ass thread with a bunch of old gamefan editors reminiscing about the mag’s glory days, somewhere. The thing about the hooker and Yoshi’s Island was easily the highlight.

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