GSQ8: There’s always room for ZEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO

OK, the “ZEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO” line is from Mega Man X6, but whatever, right? It’s about the spirit of the law, not the letter.


Hooray! A Mega Man X4 article! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it was Alex Reo who wrote this one rather than Nadia Oxford, but we at GameSpite live to surprise you. Boo!


4 thoughts on “GSQ8: There’s always room for ZEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO

  1. This was actually one of my favorite articles from GSQ8 and caused me to play through MMX4 almost immediately after reading it. Truth be told, as much as I loved the first X game, I had skipped many of its sequels. Well, turns out MMX4 is a masterpiece, as long as you’ve put it into context. Read this article and then go play — and love — MMX4.

  2. Yay, MMX4! I’ve always considered it the best of the PSX games, and right there with the first MMX as the best of the series. Playing as Zero, with his ever-expanding moveset, was just awesome.

  3. “Time to get serious” entrenched itself so deeply into my vocabulary that I’d forgotten it was from X4 until I read this article. So many fond memories of high school just came rushing back. Thanks!

  4. Ah, MMX4 – I skipped the SNES port of MMX3 on the Saturn, so MMX4 was my first 32-bit experience with Megaman. Despite the woeful localisation, it’s such a fun game. Even if the Saturn version had those silly dithered transparencies, but that’s a technical conversation entirely outside the scope of this comment, let alone your original post.

    Thanks for pointing this one out Jeremy, it’s always nice to reminisce about 32-bit Megaman!

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