The start of something good (I hope)

The first major new venture of the “new era” 1UP has launched today: The revamped Daily 1UPdate, which aspires to combine the best parts of the former Daily 1UPdate as well as the 1UP Show into something interesting and organic but less resource-intensive. I’d love to be able to take the credit for this, but as with the best things in life it’s really the product of many people’s hard work. None more so than our video producer, Dave Toole, who is doing what can only be termed a redonkulous amount of work to put together several minutes of original video content daily while still maintaining his exacting standards of quality. He’s a madman, but we have harnessed his madness for our mutual benefit.

Please give it a watch and let us know what you think, won’t you?

In equally exciting news, I’ve finally made it to the fifth stratum of Etrian Odyssey II. I managed to beat the fourth stratum boss on my first attempt, even; I’d like to attribute this victory to the team’s awesome gunner, but looking at the boss guide on GameFAQs I see my victory came primarily because my party members are about ten levels higher than they need to be. Well, whoops. I guess all that mucking around in the labyrinth wasn’t entirely necessary after all.

11 thoughts on “The start of something good (I hope)

  1. Were you mucking around because you got the Tree Key and needed to unlock all the locked doors? Because that’s why I mucked around.

    Also, it’s why I’m leveling a Beast so he can survive the second stratum alone.

  2. Mr. Parish (I wish I was cool/Bettenhausen enough to call you “T. Frog”), belated congratulations on your promotion at 1UP! I must say I am very, very excited to see what the future holds for what is already an excellent website.

    I actually started reading 1UP via your links here on GameSpite (which I’m guessing is the reverse of how that usually goes), and originally found out about THIS site from…a link on of all places, if I’m remembering it right.

    At the time, I was starved for a different kind of video game editorial. Having let my 10 year plus subscription to Game Informer finally run out (out of disgust) and lamenting the death of EGM, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I spent a weird couple of weeks immersing myself in Mr. Rogers’ work at actionbutton and elsewhere, and while it all seemed like a real breath of fresh air at the time, the impossibly pretentious tone got to me a tad.

    But then I stumbled in here! Huge archives of entertaining, insightful writing by a bunch of really talented and passionate people. And headed up by a cool dude whose opinions and insights I found myself scarcely able to disagree with! It was pretty exciting.

    Since then, I’ve worked through all the old stuff here and then made my way over to 1UP for Retronauts and your editorials, which are uniformly excellent. I’m just now getting into the old podcasts and shows from the early 1UP days, and it’s funny to see these new changes and your promotion through the lens of “the glory days” and the tumult that the site went through in the past.

    I can only speak for myself, but your body of work here and elsewhere on the web has challenged me to look at my favorite games in new ways and caused me to seek out all new favorites on your recommendations. I have no doubt that your new role at 1UP is a huge positive for our pastime and how we all relate to it.

    I’m a pretty nostalgic guy, generally (I keep a silly little blog where I whine about how lame the current gen is), and I find myself missing the good old days of both games and games journalism more and more. But knowing that there are talented people out there who care–and then OTHER people out who are smart enough to give them the ability to share their gifts on a large scale…this is that rare something that lets me get excited about the future of games again.

    Thanks for being awesome!

    • Hi, I can’t sign in at 1up somehow (and password reset doesn’t work, it seems), so:

      I like the new direction of the show. That said, you guys gotta speak up, sometimes you were speaking in such a low voice I could barely hear you. Also everyone’s gotta loosen up more, but that will surely come with experience.
      Maybe a script would be in order? People were jumping over their words a lot. (Like saying something, then stopping to think if it would be appropriate/funny, etc.)

      Anyway, enough negative feedback for now. What do you want to show with the new show? News, people, games…?

      • Yeah, it was really hard to hear you guys at times; I don’t know if the audio was mixed too loud or you guys were mixed too soft, but it detracted a little bit from the piece.

        Also comment about GameVideos here. I know you can’t do much about GameVideos, but still. (At least it’s better than IGN’s video player.)

      • Yep, the E3 retronauts was the most uninformative yet highly entertaining retronauts in a long time.

      • I enjoy the thought of you thinking a script is a silver bullet. “The baby’s almost four and still not talking? Well that’s a cinch…”

  3. I’m tempted to start a new team in EOII that has three gunners across the back row. Those guys are crazy awesome.

    I’m glad to see the 1UPdate return, and I didn’t notice the audio issues that other people have pointed out. I’m interested to see where 1up goes from here. Are you going to skip over some reviews/features that IGN already has covered, or are you going to continue to try to cover everything?

    • In EO2 I kept a pet Survivalist so I could muck about while only getting into 3 or 4 random battles *per floor*. The Stalker ability is game-changing in that game. So is Revenge… my Hexer carried the team past every FOE and boss.

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