Unclear on the concept

You know how most people, when they take a day off work for an extra-long weekend, actually enjoy their time? I still need to figure out how to do that. With my three-day weekend, I:

  1. Wrote a lengthy piece for 1UP;
  2. Copy-edited GameSpite Quarterly 9;
  3. Spent about six hours on the elliptical in a vain attempt to curtail the inevitable re-thickening of my midsection;
  4. Played the final two-thirds of Halo: Reach.

OK, the last one was pretty fun, but there was still a sense of obligation about it, because I’m tired of leaving games half-finished and needed to wrap Reach before I can move onto other things I feel obligated to play in order to feel up-to-date with industry trends and hits. Yeah!

Next up, I need to finish my illustrations for the fourth Bonus Book. The plan is to have that ready for proofing in a couple of weeks when I send GSQ9 off to have a proof printed of that as well. Efficiency! I’ve drawn most of the art for the bonus book, except I kind of hate it and feel like you guys deserve better. That image to the right is one of the images that’s being discarded due to its being generally sort of terrible.

Now to eat a giant piece of chocolate cake and completely undermine item three from above. Guys, I am a giant idiot.

10 thoughts on “Unclear on the concept

  1. A piece of chocolate cake alone, no matter how giant, will not undermine six hours of exercise, even if you had eaten a similar sized piece over the course of the same weekend you exercised. Besides which, you should only feel bad if you ate unhealthy food and did no exercise at all. In my experience (a dubious metric to be sure) I have found that exercise should be a kind of savings account for such indulgences. I eat healthy and go for walks on a regular basis so that when I on occasion do eat desserts, get drunk, or go out to eat with friends, it doesn’t mean I’m going to get (more) fat.

    In theory, anyhow.

  2. I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself – I’m going back through the old Retronauts episodes at the moment and you’re way too self-critical, as there is plenty of good stuff in there! And I just read through your Tomb Raider piece on 1UP, and loved it.

    As such, I will make the grand assumption that the art in the next GSQ will not be anywhere as terrible as what you’re suggesting it is.

    Oh, and six hours on the elliptical sounds like madness. Mind, I’m an amputee and regularly get dressed up in my white pajamas to jump around shouting in Japanese whilst trying to do something resembling karate, so I don’t think I’m in a position to question your exercise regime!

  3. That’s some kind of problem I would like to have. For me, it’s reversed. I’m not able to get anything done at all, even on days at the university.

  4. I’m happy to say I’ve transcended the need to keep up with current industry hits. Now I can cheaply game on a selection of PS2 and DS hits, most of which never sell for more than $20!

    With such a weak E3 showing, this was only strengthened. Except now I really want to play Skyrim, despite completely changing my mind on Oblivion (that is, I sorta despise it). That, and Socom 2 isn’t really what I remember it being.

  5. I’ve seen you on your live streams Jeremy and you could afford to eat a few slices of chocolate cake. You’re withering away before our very eyes!

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