14 thoughts on “GSQ7: Snake’s holodeck episode

  1. Wait until you play the murder mystery section, it’s brilliant, all the way up until the end :)

  2. The fact that there were only three Ninja levels was somehow both a ripoff, and completely worthwhile.

    • Yes and there’s really never been another Ninja section in MGS ever again…until Rising comes out.

      • True but looking at it now, having a new game in the series with a different lead director, a totally different gameplay style than what the team have experience from, and especially on a new multiplatform engine (FOX engine probably) is really just asking for a troubling & lengthy development period.

  3. VR Missions are really awesome but it seems that Kojima Prod. never really followed up on making “fun & wacky” side-section to the main MGS story after MGS1 other than the rather one-note Ape Escape part in MGS3. Which is why Peace Walker is awesome.

    • Dammit. I realized my stupidity in forgetting MGS2:Subsistance and MGS4 Online.

  4. I’d heard bad reviews from the game back in the day. Curious…guess the reviewers were spoiled by graphics and barely-TV-quality writing at the time.

    Still…why had the game not had more good word-of-mouth by gamers? How had it been so overloo–?

    “Release date: Sept. 9, 1999”

    –oh…right. Dreamcast and Final Fantasy VIII.

  5. Oh the nostalgia. One of the first PS1 games I played; I rented this and then bought MGS1 after seeing the trailer for it featured on VR Missions.

  6. Does anyone remember if this was included in the “Greatest Hits” release of MGS? That was the copy of MGS I owned way back when and I remember a pretty substantial “VR Missions” option on the main menu that I never completed. Was this the same thing?

    • Not really. What you’ve got were the standard VR missions supplemented within the 2-discs of the original game. The missions were more down to earth, tutorial-like and didn’t go full bonkers. The one in the article is the standalone 1-disc release that came a year after MGS in US or as an extra 3rd disc with MGS: Integral in japan. Those included the vanilla MGS VR missions and much much more with crazy wacky missions.

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