GSQ7: Swing and a miss

Let it never be said that GameSpite Quarterly exists as my personal bully pulpit. If it were, I’d never allow an offensively positive article like this look at the Bionic Commando sequel from a couple of years back to exist. Bionic Commando ’09 may well be the only time I’ve ever taken a video game personally. And yet, here are nice things being written about it. I didn’t even add a snarky aside as a square-bracketed editor’s note. See, I can be a nice person sometimes.

3 thoughts on “GSQ7: Swing and a miss

  1. That Bionic Commando “reboot” smacked of the whole “if you pretend this game isn’t part of an established franchise you hold dear, it’s kind of decent” phenomenon. I never played it but it’s the impression I got from comments of those who were and weren’t familiar with the series beforehand.

  2. I enjoyed the 09 sequel. And I think the reason for that is that GRIN really successfully worked out the one, central, pivotal thing that I think defines Bionic Commando, which are the swinging mechanics. It was an excellent system with a lot of options and had a great locomotive, almost rhythmic feel to it. The problems lie in other categories like the story, difficulty, and the level design.

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