21 thoughts on “Say hello to the future

  1. I didn’t see any Konami stuff until after I saw this, so I thought you had lost your mind. Hahaha!

    • He didn’t lose his mind. It was temporarily transforked into a robot body.

  2. Mr. Parish,

    Yknow, if the whole videogames journalism thing dries up, I think you could go far in the infomercial biz.

  3. Yeah… having gone through the trouble to work out what you were spoofing here, your presentation is the far more interesting of the two.

  4. This video…just amazing. I laughed, I cried, and then right at the end it got racist. Surely one of the superlative works of our generation.

  5. I thought I was happy to see that the new MGS 3DS won’t be called “The Naked Sample”. But now with this… Kojima should stop naming things. I mean. The guy invented “Solid Snake” for crying out loud.

  6. I’m… not sure what to say. I think I’ve been rendered speechless. Your sense of humor… well, let’s just say it’s almost as bad as mine. ;)

  7. So is this the secret project you were working on? At first I thought it was 1UP Presents. Now I’m not sure.

    Of course, I don’t believe it could be some other thing. Just one of these two.

  8. You need two pieces of bread. One to place the jelly and a second to retrieve some tuna fish to put into the doughnut. Sweet and meat can’t be beat.

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