Babble without a cause

I started up a new thing yesterday:

So far, it’s coming along pretty well! Aside from the fact that my drawing hand is way rusty and everything I’ve drawn so far outside of the Mario frontispiece doodle really sucks. I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing with this notebook once it’s full — post its contents online? Put them in a book? It is a mystery. Maybe I’ll just keep them to myself. There’s something to be said for writing for my own benefit, and mine alone.

In other news, I decided to check out the site The Cutting Room Floor in earnest for the first time today and discovered that Donkey Kong was supposed to be in Yoshi’s Island. That is a wonderful piece of ephemera, and I’m happier for having learned it. Sometimes this Internet thing is pretty alright.

3 thoughts on “Babble without a cause

  1. Shouldn’t that be ” a piece of ephemeron?”

    Snarky comment aside, it’s always fun to discover these crazy ideas that Nintendo cut out. Most of the time they wind up reappearing in sequels, like the cut shoot ’em up stage in SMB appearing in SML. Donkey Kong did eventually appear in the ARTOON developed sequel, Yoshi’s Island 2.

  2. You know, I had almost forgotten about the ToastyFrog thing until I saw this post. I’m so used to everyone referring to you as “Jeremy” or the more formal “Parish” these days that it had all but slipped my mind.

    Any updates forthcoming for the Chrono Break FAQ?

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