GSQ8: Pilfered Treasure

Putting together GameSpite Quarterly 8 was an educational experience for me, because I learned about games like Panzer Bandit. Despite being an avid follower of the PS1 import scene, this is one that totally slipped beneath my radar back in the day. Herein is one of my favorite things about the PlayStation: It had a huge library, and I’m pretty sure it played host to a fair number of games that never made their way out of Japan and are just waiting to be discovered by eager importers. Or not! Who knows! The important thing is that Mike Zeller knew about Panzer Bandit, and he wrote about it, and now we can all know about it.

3 thoughts on “GSQ8: Pilfered Treasure

  1. Does the spacing of the life bar indicate up to 4 players or am i being overly hopeful?

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