GSQ8: 100% sparkle-free vampirism

Rene Decoste has written quite the passionate defense of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, a game that I admittedly never managed to sink my teeth into. I guess I’m just a little too squeamish to play a game about vampires — not wimpy effeminate vampires who pose and preen, but an honest-to-god vampire that gets by through sucking down the lifeblood of the innocent. Also something something load times… but, no, it was really the compulsory murder of helpless people that did it for me. This piece is amusing and interesting enough to almost make me reconsider my reservations, though. Almost.

9 thoughts on “GSQ8: 100% sparkle-free vampirism

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    Thank you and keep up the great work pumping out GSQs, BakeSpite, and more. :)

  2. “I don’t know how much the rest of you know about Japanese culture, but I’m an expert….”

    Haha, is this a reference to the FFXIII fallout? Now that’s comedy.

  3. The game was very awkward to play, but I will never forget how affected I was by the voice of Kain and the grotesque lyricism of his words. The quote you used about the Heart of Darkness is particularly memorable.

    Thanks for this piece, enjoyed it immensely. It makes me want to go back and play through the game again just to hear Kain speak, although it is so frustrating to play. Or I could just watch a Let’s play?

  4. I’m glad to have some current day corroboration on the load times. Though, as you explain them, they’re even longer than I remembered! I can’t believe there was ever a time I waited a whole minute for anything to load, let alone an inventory screen.

    The voice acting really is what one should take away from this game. It only got better with time, with Tony Jay and Michael Bell added for Soul Reaver. Raziel and Kain’s first conversation (where Raziel acquires the Soul Reaver) is one of my favorite dialogue moments in all of games.

    • The voice acting in this game was so hilariously bad. I have fond memories of replaying the cutscene with the old man who had so many over the top nonsensical lines. “Time, Kain? NEXT time!” and “The Ignus Fatuus lights the path to HELL vampire!” Comedy gold man, comedy gold.

      • It’s true, many of the secondary characters are god awful. The way the audio is integrated into the game is also just sort of weird. If there’s a word for audio as “superimposed” is to video it’d fit perfectly here. Still, there’s charm in the performances. “BEST BE ON YOUR WAY STRANGER” is in my daily vernacular.

        Simon Templeton as Kain hams it up, and is truly excellent. All those “My lupine form allows me to…” and the article-mentioned Heart of Darkness make me swoon to this day. If nothing else, the article’s prompted me to go on a Youtube binge for Blood Omen quotes, and lament the out of service PSN, as I can’t download a copy for myself.

        Every time I’ve watched that specific fifth season episode of Angel with Simon Templeton I turn to my girlfriend and go “That guy! That guy is Kain!” and she’s forced to suffer 40 minutes of video game quotes. I love him. I wish he got more work.

  5. Hey, I liked the story to FFX, even if it could get a bit garbled, it has one of the better endings I’ve seen in the medium. And if that makes me sappy, well, I guess you just can’t appreciate a good high-five.

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