GSQ: Quick heads-up

Contributor Aaron Littleton just pinged me to let me know that today’s Groupon deal for Knoxville (and presumably everywhere, I guess?) is $45 of credit for Blurb purchases for $20. My understanding is that this means, basically, you pay $20 and get a voucher good for $45 on Blurb — basically, that’s two free GameSpite paperbacks. Or I guess you could buy some other books by other people, if you want.

Sorry that this is such a meagre update; I try to do better for you all. It’s just that there was an awful lot of interesting news last night that distracted me.

3 thoughts on “GSQ: Quick heads-up

    • Might I also add that it is probably no coincidence that the three GSQs I wanted to pick up (2, 6, and 8) happen to add up to $45? Excellent.

  1. There are rumors that I bought two coupons and will be picking up 6 issues of Gamespite Quarterly tomorrow.

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