GSQ8: We are the masks we etc. etc.

The GSQ8 train keeps on rollin’ with Jeremy Signor’s look at the first good PlayStation RPG to reach the U.S., Revelations: Persona. (Sorry, Beyond the Beyond.) And… well, I guess that sentence about sums it up. Everything you need to know about the purpose and nature of this update, all explained in a single tidy package. I’m really not sure why you’re still reading this rather than clicking on through.

7 thoughts on “GSQ8: We are the masks we etc. etc.

  1. Great summarization of the game, and controversy surrounding it. Many other articles covering the game get lost in tangents or really hurt for editing. Thanks!

  2. Always adored this game even in its semi-butchered state, it did so many things right and at the time, it really was a revelation (haha): modern setting, cool densely psychological plot, a 3-hour, 113 track OST that’s one of the greatest ever made, a fifth character of your own choosing to encourage replays, and the best demon negotiation of any Megaten game released in the States (why is this the only one to give every single demon separate voice samples and animation effects for four different moods, it made negotiation so much more fun than later games).

    I guess a lot of people who first played it on PSP think it’s aged terribly but I personally can’t see it, I love everything about it and I’m hoping eventually to see the game get its due as a groundbreaking Playstation RPG.

    • Honestly, I played on PSP first and still thought it was great. It’s aged, sure, but it does a lot of things far better than modern RPGs.

    • Honestly? I love the trappings of Persona to death. It’s just that playing this after experiencing the modern SMT games will make you sad, especially the fusion system here, which is anemic and unfriendly comparatively. Then you have the big, empty levels, the cluttered elemental types, the terrible final boss, etc.

      I will say that one thing I will commend the game for was the negotiation system in that it didn’t just copy it from the games that came before. I liked the mood gauges and kind of wish they would revisit this somewhere down the road, though in a polished form.

      • Persona 2? Though even that needs an ‘auto-repeat this contact until something happens’ button.

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