GSQ8: Toriyama append

Something crazy that happened in GameSpite Quarterly 8 was the occasional addition of sidebars. Well, sort of. The 5×8″ format doesn’t really lend itself to breaking up pages with actual sidebars, so these were more or less article supplements that ran on separate pages. But the spirit was there!

Anyway, Tobal No. 1 was the first of the articles to enjoy its own tiny satellite, this one concerning its sequel, Tobal 2. By all accounts, Tobal 2 was one of the deepest, best-looking, and most expansive fighters of the 32-bit era, but it never made its way to the U.S. The whys and wherefores of that particular failure are explored in an entirely separate article this issue; in the meantime, please enjoy learning about what you missed out on. And then cry bitter, bitter man tears. Or woman tears, if you are not a man.

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4 thoughts on “GSQ8: Toriyama append

  1. Would the article about why Tobal No. 2 not making it to the west be titled ‘Squaresoft suck donkey dick’ by any chance? It’s what I’d call it.

    I’m not bitter… just european.

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