Bloggus interruptus

I sincerely intended to follow up yesterday’s stupid filler post with, you know, actual content. But then I was sucked into a mad vortex of tax filings due to the unexpected, exponential increase in my paperwork’s complexity for 2010 and spent the rest of the day hating the universe.

On the plus side, I am prepping GameSpite Quarterly 8 for upload as I type this. Despite it being the densest, most content-rich volume we’ve ever published, we still managed to get it together two weeks ahead of schedule. Amazing what a man can do when he puts his mind to it (read: sacrifices every scrap of free time for three months). I think I’m going to spent the next couple of weeks being not-at-all productive in my free time in any way whatsoever.

Nah, we all know that’s a well-meaning lie; at this point I no longer know how to use my free time for anything but working. It’s cool. If I write articles about games I’ve been wanting to play, I’m obligated to play them! Looks like I’m gonna have a Dragon Quest VI piece due soon, ayup.

Anyway, the new book should be ready for sale by Monday. I’ll try foraging for coupon codes, as I think there were a few available through the end of April, though that information has vanished into the ether somehow.

Well, back to uploading.

Edit: Uploaded! I guess I can make them available for interested parties once I convalesce a bit. I think I need another bánh mì.

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