Spuddy heartbreak

This sight greeted me this morning, and it broke my tiny heart:

A Mr. Potato Head in a plastic bubble. The poor guy was born with no immune system, I guess, and this is the only way he can weather the ravages of the Irish potato famine. Paul Simon should do a fundraiser for him, or something.

Edit: Also, geez, I just realized yesterday’s article is a typo-riddled mess. Sorry about that. FFVI deserves better. I’ll fix it next time I’m at my computer.

5 thoughts on “Spuddy heartbreak

  1. Huh. Looks like a baby too.

    BTW, did you lock yesterday’s comments? Couldn’t add to them.

  2. EXTRA, EXTRA! Jeremy Parish has a THS (Tiny Heart Syndrome)! Future of New Games journalism, Metroidvania cataloguing, and charmingly self-deprecating podcast personalities at 1UP called into question!
    …sorry, it’s just been one of those days for me.

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