The legend of Final Fantasy VI (part the third)

The third and last of my Final Fantasy III/VI anecdotes from GameSpite Bonus Book 3 is now alive and thriving here on this collective space we refer to as “the Internet.” This concludes my trio of personal musings with no relevance whatsoever to you! Back to photographing meat or whatever, I guess.

6 thoughts on “The legend of Final Fantasy VI (part the third)

  1. Wait a minute. “The Fierce Battle” plays during at least four battles in a FFIII playthrough: Atma and each of the Warring Triad. You didn’t mute all of Kefka’s Tower, did you?

  2. LOVED the Kefka’s Domain CD set. Always wanted to get the Official Evermore one that was released too. That actually had some cool arranged stuff included on it which was nice.

    Also cool to see you used game music in your projects back then. I can remember filming home videos using the soundtrack to Mega Man X. It was different in those days, you couldn’t just throw the track into a timeline on a PC. You had to have the music all ready to go and hit the play button on the controller at the same moment you hit record on the camera.

    Those were good days.

    • Yes, I was always bummed that I didn’t have the cash to buy the Secret of Evermore soundtrack, but it was ridiculously expensive for a single-disc album.

  3. Yeah, Kefka’s Domain was possibly my first actual on-disc game soundtrack too, and still one of my favorites. If I ever manage to snag VIP tickets to a Distant Worlds concert, I’ll be strongly tempted to have Uematsu sign that box instead of any of my myriad later imported soundtracks, just for the nostalgia factor.

  4. Interesting that you mention a classical musician’s reactions to game music. As a professional musician myself, I need something to help me escape from the world of overly-played standard repertoire in which I find myself from day to day.

    I love me some FF3 music, though. Good stuff.

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