The legend of Final Fantasy VI (part the second)

Hey, look, two posts in a single day. How often does that happen anymore? (Sadly, not so often.)

Really, I just wanted to scroll that mouth-watering photo of chicken katsu curry downward a little bit so you won’t short your computer with drool every time you load the page. And I will do so by posting the second of three Final Fantasy VI (aka III) anecdotes from the most recent GameSpite bonus book.

This is undoubtedly as much of a thrill for you as for me.

6 thoughts on “The legend of Final Fantasy VI (part the second)

  1. My solution was to hook up my headphones to the SNES’s audio output with a little Radio Shack connector. Unfortunately, FFIII wasn’t a game I knew how to share very well with others.

  2. Oh, and what a thrilling climax the floating continent was.

    You can put “murderize Kefka” on the agenda, but things have a way of getting… bumped off… when he’s around.

  3. I had a bit of a similar situation in college playing star ocean 3 and falling too much into its trap and doing a little worse in that semester but in t the end bounced back and graduated.

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