GSQ7: Mission complete

Sleeping for a mere three hours after playing video games for charity until dawn is yet another reminder of my mortality, because I am not coping with today as well as I would have dealt with the same situation back in college. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to put the wraps on GameSpite Quarterly 7‘s villain bios, which means that aside from a few outstanding GSQ3 posts and a handful of game articles from the latest issue, all GameSpite print content is very nearly available for free. I do not expect Ayn Rand would approve; but then, she never had to deal with the current economy.

Anyone who tuned in to our charity marathon (which I stupidly neglected to promote here despite having spent plenty of time trying to plan over the past two weeks) is an awesome person. Thanks for being awesome! Especially if you made a donation to Red Cross in order to see something ludicrous, like me trying to play as Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2 (why is he so terrible!?) or making everyone take shots of the Dragon Quest slime drink (unsurprisingly reprehensible!). Anyway, good times all around, except that my extreme exhaustion levels are percolating through my blood like a poison. BLUG

At least the GSQ7 stuff is ending on a strong note. Several of these entries are among my absolute favorites in the issue!

  • Lakitu: Nich Maragos didn’t just talk about how evil Lakitu is; he proved it with a diagram. That, my friends, is science.
  • LeChuck: Wesley Fenlon looks into the fractured psyche of an undead pirate who merely wishes to be loved. Is he evil, or just lonely? (I suppose there’s no reason he can’t be both.)
  • Malboro: Ben Elgin writes about an 8-bit monster in a way that incorporates Final Fantasy XII as canon, and that makes him a hero.
  • Mario Mario: Blah, blah, blah.

4 thoughts on “GSQ7: Mission complete

  1. Those… those are eggs?! I always thought they were rolled up, spinning Spinies!

    *mind blown*

  2. I was around for Castlevania, Mega Man, and Super Mario Bros. 2, which were all very entertaining, but I’m sad to hear I missed people trying the Slime drink.

    Although maybe seeing other people drinking that stuff would trigger my Mera Tropical PTSD.

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