GSQ7: Invasion of the monkey donkey

Zounds! It’s more GameSpite Quarterly 7 content!

Did you know that “zounds” means “Zeus’ wounds?” My journalism adviser in college wouldn’t allow us to use the word “zounds” in editorial cartoons, because he considered it blasphemy. Egads! (P.S., that word is also blasphemous.)

  • The Invaders: Ben Elgin intercepts a bizarre alien transmission and decodes it for your edification!
  • Jacquio: Tomm Hulett presents the script treatment for his new TV series, Undercover Miniboss!
  • Donkey Kong: Jeremy Signor willingly subscribes to the Rare retcon!
  • The Koopalings: Sean Gandert is paying me five dollars per entry to refer to him as a genius! This entry is genius, by the way.


6 thoughts on “GSQ7: Invasion of the monkey donkey

  1. It’s not Zeus’s wounds, it’s Christ’s. Similarly, in Shakespeare, you sometimes read curses related to the “hooks” or nails of Christ.

    • My understanding is that Zeus is meant as a wink-wink substitute for Christ. One god’s as good as the next, right?

    • That explanation now makes the word “gadzooks” a whole lot of sense to me.

      Also, thanks for highlighting the etymology of “zounds”, Jeremy. I was truly blown away by that revelation.

  2. Another $5 well spent.

    So long as someone divine is being wounded, that’s the important part.

  3. …not sure it qualifies as a “retcon” that they made Donkey Kong grow old. Unless we’re counting Donkey Kong ’94?

    It’s still rather silly that he aged that much in, what, 15 years. Especially given that it’s now 15 years since the original DKC and nobody’s aged in DKCR.

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