GSQ7: QR codes

Today’s postings are the four GameSpite Quarterly 7 articles that comprise the letters Q and R. What a coincidence! I thought about making Miis of the subjects of all four entries and posting their actual QR codes, but by some stupid coincidence none of these characters convert to Mii format at all. Nintendo is laughing at me. This is what I get for panning Golden Sun, I guess.

The Quotile: You know, I’ve never actually seen Yar’s Revenge in person and have no idea how it plays or even what it is. Such a shameful gap in knowledge! (I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be an anime-styled shooter, though.) Fortunately Ben Langberg doesn’t share my deficiencies.

Red Falcon: Speaking of said deficiencies….

The R.N.G.: Ben Elgin explores the dark villain who makes roguelikes and other genres so daunting.

Ridley: And finally, Nadia Oxford explores the freakish and disturbing life-cycle of space pirate leaders. You will believe… a video game article can make you squirm uneasily.

7 thoughts on “GSQ7: QR codes

  1. The R.N.G. is a figure of myth. We should beware his outwardly similar but ultimately deterministic child, the pseudo R.N.G..

    • This is true, but a little knowledge of the Psuedo-RNG’s true nature ultimately leads only to more suffering. Like looking up tables of numbers labeled in Japanese, manipulating inventory spots, and trying to time button presses to the half-second, just to get that damn super-rare armor to drop.

  2. I’ve played Yar’s Revenge a number of times and I have no idea how it plays or what it is.

  3. This is what Yar’s Revenge is all about:

    I promise, that’s an awesome song about Atari and not an April Fool’s Rickroll.

  4. Just wanted to say Nadia’s article was both hilarious and awesome (and I loved the little jab at Other M). The explanation for Ridley’s size change was far better than what I could’ve ever dreamed up.

  5. “…But Ridley holds his own with silent, merciless cunning.”

    Silent, aside from his habit of constantly roaring and shrieking.

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