GSQ7: You damn fool

You know, posting these articles from GSQ7 is a real chore — doing four items at a time is fragmentary and annoying. So I think I’m going to power through the book over the next few days. Please enjoy!

The Guy: (by Sean Gandert) I don’t remember whose idea it was to include the antagonist of I Wanna Be The Guy in this issue, but it was genius, and this piece does a great job of digging into the game’s nature.

Adolf Hitler: (by Jeremy Parish) So this issue I learned that it’s kind of tough to write a light-hearted article about the video game appearances of the man responsible for one of history’s most brutal wars.

Harry Hooligan and Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue: (by Ben Langberg) Somehow Ben ended up with the lion’s share of characters this update — six characters across two articles. What a glory hound!

4 thoughts on “GSQ7: You damn fool

  1. It always bugged me that Tarantino ripped off the Hitler brain exploding scene in Inglorious Basterds from Bionic Commando.

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