GSQ7: S-says

I’m not sure how this happened, but tonight’s four GSQ7 posts are hammerlocked by myself and Wesley Fenlon. Sadly, my entries are not my best work. Especially the Sabrewulf one, because Americans are doomed to futility when they try writing about ZX Spectrum games. I blame Ellis Island.

  • Sabrewulf: Well, you have to admit that an American writing about this game, as an experience, is rather… Rare.
  • Carmen Sandiego: Where in the world did this entry come from!?
  • The Shredder: I can no longer read anything regarding the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game without hearing Hidenori Maezawa say, “Why… ninja? Why… turtles?” And then I smile, because his soundtrack was kickin’ rad.
  • Sinistar: BEWARE, THIS ARTICLE IS MEDIOCRE. I say stick to the two middle entries, which are by Wesley and much better than mine.

2 thoughts on “GSQ7: S-says

  1. That interview with Hidenori Maezawa was spectacular and was the perfect opener to the retronauts blog.

  2. “The Sinistar is not evil, nor is it a villain. But its incarnation is a threat greater than any other in the galaxy; its appetite is insatiable, its power unstoppable.” Its style impetuous.

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