Not quite (a)live from PAX East

I am so not cool with this notion of being dragged into covering a show while I’m still recovering from the last. Nevertheless, I’ve been gamely reporting my observations (both worthwhile and… not) from the show floor for 1UP, along with Frank and Tina, and doing various important community things. Hosting a panel, showing people how to play Bionic Commando, that sort of thing.

Normally the stuff I’m posting on 1UP would be regarded as trivial, unimportant nonsense that I’d dump here instead, but it turns out that the Internet mostly wants trivial, unimportant nonsense. As a person who prefers to write more substantial material, I can feel the timer ticking away on my usefulness to humankind. That notwithstanding, you can grok my not-so-pithy (I’m sick and drugged up, whaddya want?) observations in the following stories:

3 thoughts on “Not quite (a)live from PAX East

  1. I’d have liked to have been there (only two hours away from Boston), but I had to work. Also it was sold out and all. Still, I hope you had a good time, though jet lag AND Daylight Savings are probably a hell of a tagteam.

  2. My inn is up to 90 guests now, thanks to PAX East. My friend beat me though, at 100 guests. Was surprised that while you get something for 30, they don’t congratulate you for 100!

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