Patient Zero now departing from Gate 83

Well, I’m off to Boston, where I have the rare and unique opportunity to spread a plague from one gaming event (GDC) to another (PAX East)! I hope. I dunno, I think I may no longer be contagious — I feel only 25% dead today instead of 50% like yesterday and all the way dead the days before that. Also, on the TMI front, my nose is blowin’ clear instead of muddy yellow-green.

My advice would be not to kiss me if you encounter me at the show, though. Just in case. However, you should attend the Retronauts panel Friday at 3 p.m. (we’ll probably have figured out what we’re talking about by then), and you should also come to the 1UP meet-up thing Saturday night at the Whiskey Priest Irish Pub. With a name like that, you know it’s gotta be authentic.