11 thoughts on “GSQ6: Mile after Phantomile

  1. I loved Klonoa. In fact, I actually bought it BEFORE I owned a Playstation!

    I was working at KB Toys at the time and only had an N64. At one point though our store started clearing out PS1 titles that had just been sitting there. We had a single copy of Klonoa marked down to 14.99. FF8 was around the corner (maybe 3-5 months away at the time) and I knew that eventually I was going to cave and buy a PS1 for that, so I decided to buy Klonoa in the meantime. Before I knew it, I also bought Symphony for the same price.

    A few weeks later I bought a PS1 and the first Lunar, and yeah, I was loving the hell out of my PS1 which I tried so hard to ignore. The die hard Nintendo-only fanboy in me was finally put to rest.

    I blame Klonoa. :)

    • According to the NAMCO SOUNDS twitter feed, the soundtrack for this game got released on iTunes yesterday. How serendipitous!

  2. I should really track this game down someday. I too missed out on Klonoa the first time around, but not so long ago I picked up Empire of Dreams for GameBoy and quite enjoyed it. Doing similar stuff in well-constructed 3D levels sounds like good times. I’d like to try the Wii-make of this one for extra prettiness, but since I have no Wii I’d have to settle for seeing how the PS3 upscaling treats it instead.

  3. I didn’t get to play ANY Klonoa until the Wii incarnation, and I feel like I’m that guy who made it late to the party… but the party never stopped. It’s one of my favorite titles on the Wii.

    Also, know where I can find the Pac-Man cap? I’d look like a dork, but I’d wear one.

  4. Klonoa’s big, wide, yellow cat eyes are the best part of his character design, so it’s a shame they were downscaled beyond recognition after the first game. On the other hand, it elevates the first one that much more above whatever followed.

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