GSQ7: Stuck on W

I am still struggling to breathe through a filter made of mucous; therefore, I have posted a few more entries from GameSpite Quarterly 7 so my day wouldn’t feel like a total waste. Don’t worry, I squirted ’em with some hand sanitizer first.

Also, supposedly, the code 2011BB will give you a 15% discount on a Blurb order. As I haven’t tested this myself, I make no promises!

  • WARMECH: From Final Fantasy, written by Jake Alley.
  • Wart: From Super Mario Bros. 2, written by Marc Host.
  • Dr. Wily: From the Mega Man series, written by Justin Hoeger.
  • The Wizard of Frobozz: From Zork II, written by some dude who is currently drowning in snot.

6 thoughts on “GSQ7: Stuck on W

  1. Sometime down the line, perhaps when you are not in GDC Plague Hell, you may want to tweak the banner on the Wizard of Frobozz page. He seems to be a mage named WARMECH.

  2. I’ve also had the lurgy since Thursday! Spent the entire 11 hour night flight home coughing up phlegm.

    Curry is the common denominator.

  3. W-why does it say Warmech on the “The Wizard of Frobozz” arti-


  4. For a short bit I thought the piece on Dr. Wily was straight from Steven Schwartz’s “The Official Guide to Mega Man”.

  5. Can I just say I love being able to vaguely refer to writing cheesy fanfiction of Eric Idle selling Garland elementally themed bosses as work?

    • HA! I knew there was a reason why I read that in Eric Idle’s voice. Well done — the Warmech article was the best of this batch, certainly.

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