GSQ7: D-lightful essence

The last three entries from the letter D section of the lexicon manage to condense the entire GameSpite Quarterly 7 experience into a convenient self-contained package for your perusal.

  • First we have the Dragonlord entry (from Dragon Warrior, written by Nich Maragos), which hits the “insightful, sincere rethinking and contextualization of a classic game” note and is a must-read piece.
  • Then there’s the Draygonia entry (from Crystalis, written by some hack), which embodies the “overwrought video game fan fiction” aspect of the book.
  • And finally, the Dysentery entry (from Oregon Trail, written by Aaron Littleton), which is short, punchy, and amusing.

3 thoughts on “GSQ7: D-lightful essence

  1. All those Ds made me look up the Sesame Streets Dee Dee Dee song on youtube.

    Great articles as always.

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