GSQ7: Some kind of pun about the letter C

Our custom here is to post the content of our print books so you can read them for free, and it is a tradition I endorse heartily! That being said, these character encyclopedia books don’t hold up quite as well online as they do in print, I fear. In book form, they compile into something you can pick and read in quick spells for a few moments of entertainment or edumacation. Online, well, everything is something to be read in quick spells these days, so they kind of come off as more, I dunno, serious than they’re meant to. Maybe it’s because the other material that ends up being linked from the front page here is a bit weightier? Whatever the case, my advice to anyone interested in reading the contents of GSQ7 without picking up one of the books is to print these entries and randomly shuffle through them when you’re bored. Like, in the bathroom or something.

Only two entries beginning with the letter C this volume. I guess bad guys’ parents weren’t big into the C names back in the ’80s.

  • Centipede (written by Matt Williams, from Centipede)
  • Chaos (written by Jeremy Parish, from Final Fantasy)

P.S. If I were going with a pun for this entry’s title — which I’d never do, you know, that sort of practice is truly vile behavior — it would have something to do with this being the C-section. Dreadful.

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  1. By writing this I will ruin it for everyone, but I sort of like the fact that there were “No Comments” under your C-Section pun.

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