GSQ7: Let it B

Tonight, I bring you the last of the GameSpite Quarterly 7 entries that begin with the letter B. Although running through these in the sequence in which they’re presented in the book makes me realize that I am absolutely awful at alphabetizing. Seriously, it’s kind of embarrassing. Not a single one of these is actually sequential with one another:

  • Boulder | from Boulder Dash, written by Jeremy Signor
  • Blue, Trainer | from Pokémon (1st gen), written by Kat Bailey
  • Bowser | from some super obscure series about Italians, written by Alex Reo
  • Boots, Risky | from Shantae, written by Nicola Nomali
  • Blocks, S and Z | from Tetris, written by Tomm Hulett

3 thoughts on “GSQ7: Let it B

  1. For those who didn’t pick up on the subtle clues, the song S and Z sing is “Theme B” from the original Game Boy Tetris. The parenthetical at the end is the Game Over melody from same.

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