GSQ6: The taming of the screw (breaker)

It’s been a pretty busy couple of days for me. I’ve interviewed Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, checked out Cave Story in 3D, checked out his other new game, posted a Tactics Ogre review, podcasted about same, interviewed Yuji Horii and his retinue, had dinner with same, and even recorded a podcast with Tim Rogers. I also came up with a tangential idea that will probably make a few people happy. But I still found time to post a great article about Drill Dozer. For you. Because I love you.

13 thoughts on “GSQ6: The taming of the screw (breaker)

  1. Awesome, I am kind of a fan of Tim’s verbally meandering columns. When/where can I find the podcast?

      • Don’t forget the B-sides, featuring Tim’s idea for a game about skin cancer, a retrospective on the girl who hated video games who he met in a PC bang in Seoul, comments on sticky friction in the third season of Seinfeld, and what high-speed rails can teach us about level design in Banjo Kazooie.

        I wish I could quit him.

  2. Having been about five years late to the DS party, I still did plenty of GBA gaming back around that time, and Drill Dozer is still one of my favorite late GBA games. It’s a shame that Game Freak’s pretty much locked into core Pokémon sequels nowadays, because they can really make some awesome games outside of the monster collectathon RPG mold.

    I really wouldn’t want another Drill Dozer or Pulseman, but I’d love to see Game Freak try their hands at another original platformer game.

  3. Man, screw Drill Dozer. It’s like the only GBA game that is pretty much entirely dependent on the L/R buttons, and considering how poor they are on the DS originals/DS Lites, it’s basically unplayable on either console

    • Man, knowing that crappy shoulder buttons are endemic to the system certainly makes me feel better. My first DS Lite’s went basically completely (good thing Ecclesia had remappable controls) and the second gums up from time to time. The worst was breaking the shoulder buttons on my DSi in the first week. Good thing it was still within the return window!

      I’d never heard of this game, and it sounds like just my kind of thing. Off to eBay! Thanks gamespite!

    • Strange. I never had any real problems with my L/R buttons. Guess it’s just a matter of luck.

      Anyway, Drill Dozer is one of those games that demands playing. It captures the best of the NES / SNES era, with a gameplay gimmick that hearkens back to the NES days, and they get tons of mileage out of it. And of course, the presentation is pure SNES, and it rocks for it.

      Anyway, I’m still tempted to buy the game every time I see it. And I have it already. It just pains me to see it languishing on a shelf, not being part of a good GBA collection. :P

  4. Aw man, no fair. We already got that teaser of a Prinny wearing Quote’s getup over on Kotaku earlier this week (mixed messages if I’ve ever heard them), and now you’re telling us that may not have just been a stupid prank?

    I am intensely conflicted.

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