GSQ7: I hunger

The title of this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the content. It’s just that I’m waiting for Chinese delivery for dinner, and it’s super late, and the dude hasn’t shown up, and I went to the gym tonight and desperately need sustenance to replenish my poor abused body, and anyway I decided to post some content to fill the time but I’m too hungry and wobbly to deal with more than two articles. So, yeah, two.

  • Biggy Man: Apparently this guy’s name was supposed to be “Piggy Man,” but no one sent that memo to Namco’s U.S. branch. “Biggy Man” it is.
  • Birds: If you played NES games, you know why these guys showed up in a book of villains.

3 thoughts on “GSQ7: I hunger

  1. I realize your post about TO was a bit further down, but I was curious about something: Does Vice’s (now Vyce, it seems) portrait still change depending on what you do at the end of chapter one? I always thought that was neat.

    • Not only does it change, but he has multiple situational portrait variants that reflect his current style. So he has multiple portraits in chapter 1 that are different from his portraits thereafter.

  2. You know, “I Hunger” would’ve been a fantastic title for introducing the Sinistar article… I was kinda bummed to see that it wasn’t featured under this.

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