GameSpite Quarterly 7 exists, beckons commerce

Humans! Mortals! Friends! Avowed enemies! Please be aware that GameSpite Quarterly 7 is now live in the GameSpite Blurb Store.

I hope that you find this news exciting.

The usual index page for such books has been posted, and from there you may order either a paperback ($12) or hardcover ($36) edition of this issue. This will allow you to hold our articles in the form of a physical object, lending tangibility and heft to the written word. Especially the hardcover version, which has pointy corners and could probably be used, Jason Bourne-style, to kill a man. (Disclaimer: Please use our books only in self-defense.)

The index page will also lead you to the first batch of online postings for this issue’s content, a series of biographies for the following villains of gaming’s 8-bit era:

Also online is the first of this issue’s standard video game critiques, a look back at the sadly underappreciated Super Punch-Out!! by retired GameSpite contributor Bob Mackey. More content to come in the following months! With luck we’ll have everything from this issue, GSQ6, and GS3 online by the time we’re ready to go live with issue 8, which is going to be an issue 5-like monstrosity.

Anyway! Please enjoy! Please tell your friends! Please do not feel obligated to pay money for this content as it will all be posted for free sooner or later! (But please feel free to support us if you’re so inclined.)

Edit: Looks like Blurb has some coupon codes that are valid through the end of the month (which unfortunately is tomorrow): NEWBLURB is good for 20% off (possibly only for U.S. buyers?) and you can get free flat-rate shipping by using SHARE (U.S. dollars), SHAREEU (Euro), SHARECAN (Canadian dollars), SHAREAUD (Australian dollars), and SHAREUK (pounds sterling). Flat-rate shipping is $7, so SHARE is the better deal if you’re spending less than $35 on books (which is to say, buying a paperback or two).

14 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 7 exists, beckons commerce

  1. That is exciting news!

    As always, I am curious if there are any Blurb discount codes active right now.

    • Yes, please see the revision. Unfortunately it seems like all the codes expire tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll roll out some new ones for February.

  2. Super Punch Out!! is a wonderful game, I wish it would get more love. I was very pleased that the new Punch Out!! brought back Bear Hugger and Aran Ryan, although the grievous lack of Narcis Prince did not go unnoticed.

  3. Ooh, 20% off. Think I’ll take the opportunity to grab all the GSQ’s I had yet to get at this point. (stop stealing all my money!)

  4. Looks like the NEWBLURB code works for international buyers, just put it through then without a problem.

  5. Do my eyes deceive me or do I see Alixsar’s name in the list of credits there? The crazy has officially been unleashed.

  6. Super Punch-Out!! IS under-appreciated–like on the Retronauts Punch-Out!! podcast in which all y’all were all “pfft–Super Punch-Out!!–what a dumb game that everyone hates. Let’s not say anything more about it.” Glad to see it getting some appreciation here, at any rate.

  7. Ugh. Super Punch Out. It’s pretty, sure, but its button-crunching pattern memorization and brutal difficulty after the first tourney got old for me really quickly.

    It sure was pretty though, I will say that.

  8. Bob Mackey forgot about Mr. Sandman. Poor Mr. Sandman.

    But yeah, I loved Super Punch-Out!! just as much as the original. Nintendo Power published a mini-guide, which I photocopied, that had a section about beating the all the guys the fastest way possible, which could be done in between 5 and 30 seconds if you nailed a few counterpunches in a row and then hit a well-timed… uh… “special” punch. I remember I got a faster time on Heike Kagero than the NP editors.

  9. Thanks for the codes! It reminded me that I’m behind in picking up those hardcovers, which I immediately rectified =)

    When that Black Bat from Adventure would steal the key and leave me trapped, I’d always laugh myself stupid…oh, the memories!

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