GSQ3: ¿K pasa?

Look, up in the… well, OK, not up in the sky. Here on the page. It’s etc., etc…. yes, it’s 8-bit heroes whose names and titles begin with the letter K.

  • Kage: Like the song says, it’s kah-geh, not cage.
  • Karnov: Apparently we were wrong about him being a circus strongman all this time and he’s actually an earthly avatar of God Almighty. I can’t decide if that’s more damaging to my understanding of NES games or to my notions of theology.
  • Kicker: Thing what kicks….
  • Kid Dracula: The original theory that Kid Dracula was meant to be about young Alucard has recently been discarded in favor of the idea that the game is actually about the childhood of Christopher Lee.
  • Kid Niki: Still the only video game hero with a rattail. Thankfully.
  • King Graham: This is a really good article and you should read it. I know, it’s long, and words are scary. But seriously, read it.
  • Kirby: A charming hero who should not be any less admired for the fact that he’s inspired an infinite array of deeply lame jokes about sucking.
  • Kuros: Remember that time a bird randomly flew into Kuros’ face during a video shoot? Ah, good times.

4 thoughts on “GSQ3: ¿K pasa?

  1. If there’s an entry for Erdrick/Loto, I am ordering GSQ3 with express shipping. Straight from Rimuldar.

  2. I am sorry about the length of the King Graham article, readers! But I had to do the concept justice.

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