GSQ3: Can’t you hear me NOQing?

Yes, well, terrible puns and all that. Today’s deluge of backlogged content from GameSpite Quarterly 3 completes all entries beginning with the letters N, O, and Q. I skipped P, though — because there are a ton of those. Not because it’s running down your leg. God, what do you think this is, kindergarten?

  • Ninten: Your brother from another Mother.
  • Nova: I waited too long to post this! Now the joke about Nova resembling California’s governor are moot and dated. Sigh.
  • Onion Kids: Not actually made of onions.
  • Opa-Opa: A manly hero, secure enough in his masculinity not only to cry but to make his weepiness a titular selling point of his sequel!
  • Orpheus: Loosely inspired by actual events involving the underworld, singing, etc.
  • Q*Bert: &^$#@!

Also, hi! I’d like to recruit a couple of new writers for the next issue of GameSpite Quarterly. Difficult level of this assignment: you need to have been an avid PlayStation player, a good writer, and someone skilled in the arts of hitting deadlines. Drop me an email if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “GSQ3: Can’t you hear me NOQing?

  1. I like Zelda II, but Battle of Olympus was a better game with the same ‘engine.’ There, I said it. Ridiculously hard, but awesome.

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