GSQ3: J is for jogging your memory

So, you know, GameSpite Quarterly 7 is done. We could put it up for sale right now, if we wished. But I think I’m going to see to it that we stick to the quarterly cycle we’ve been using all along and debut it on February 1. Nice and regular and all that. Also, we still have a bunch of content from the very-closely-related GameSpite Quarterly 3 to be posted. It’s about a year overdue at this point, and I think it would be wise to make good on my commitment to post all book content online in a timely fashion before venturing forward.

So! Without further ado, here is the remainder of GSQ3’s entries falling under the letter J:

  • James Burton: The obscure pilot of a vehicle whose name you know well.
  • Jay McCray: The obscure hero of an NES game you may or may not have played.
  • Jetman: The stalwart hero of beloved Spectrum shooters, slumming in the west on NES and Xbox 360.
  • Jim: Just another role-playing warrior.
  • JJ: The main character of an almost-classic action game for Master System.
  • Jumpman: No, the other Jumpman.

4 thoughts on “GSQ3: J is for jogging your memory

  1. Aw, man, no love for Jumpman. Wasn’t much of a “hero” sure, but I have rather fond memories of that game on the C64.

    You know. Jumpman. Not the Mario “Jumpman”.

  2. I loooooved Jumpman back in the day for C64! I have one of those plug-and-play controllers that has a bunch of Commodore 64 games on it, including Jumpman, and it’s still a great game!

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