15 thoughts on “GSQ5: Penultimate

    • Yeah, a bunch of the photos in the book were taken at Chris’. He’s credited in the book and on the site. Also, I bought him and his girlfriend curry.

  1. uhh… Crisis Force has nothing to do with Contra Force, other than being Konami games with “force” in the title.

    • Yeah. Crisis Force came with a brochure promoting games including Arc Hound, which was Contra Force’s original, unrelated-to-Contra form. But like NES Strider, it ended up never being released in Japan at all.

  2. Pretty sure Totally Rad came out in ’91. Also, is that the first or second Flintstones game? First one came out in ’91 as well.

    Love that Mighty Final Fight got some love, it’s a great brawler. By the way, 1993 release.

  3. Heh, the NES + 10 or so games I got in a bundle off Ebay a few years back came with Totally Rad. It, like, totally ain’t. Also amoungst the quality titles are Tiger Heli, Lunar Pool and two (Aussie?) bootlegs by HES, Othello and Little Red Hood. They took the ‘plug a real NES cart into the end to create a monster’ route around the 10NES. Little Red Hood is also utterly unfathomable.

    • I’m starting to wonder if they’re saving a few big guns for the eventual Wii successor. It would make at least some sense.

  4. One of my favorite NES games from this era was Captain America and the Avengers. Not a bad game by any means. Or was that 1991?

    In any case, it’s not like the arcade brawler at all. It has big levels, nice music and sprites, a branching map, and frustrating bosses. Classic NES.

  5. Bubble Bobble II would be awesome, but–this blows my mind–there is no simultaneous two-player. Talk about a waste.

  6. Contra Force drove me *nuts*. I was Ok with the gameplay, but I got to one area where I was on the wings of a giant plane and couldn’t figure out how to get off for hours. I kept falling off.

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