Hello, ladies

We made a podcast for you.

I’d write more, but tonight was my introductory gym visit. Now, for some reason, none of my muscles seem to be responding correctly. I’ve typed this post entirely with my forehead, and I’m worried that if I write more the little key indentations will become permanently embossed on my skull.

18 thoughts on “Hello, ladies

  1. Great job! Now begin adding dates under the things you
    write. Oh, wait. Ahem, never mind, I appear to have missed your
    stitched-in calendar motif. Nice stuff (as one who personally

    • Am I the only one who cannot see the dates on the left side of the page? Everything but a tiny sliver on the last letter is cut off. A Firefox thing, maybe?

      • I believe you have to stretch your browser window to a certain width in order to see the whole thing. I’m not crazy about that, but I don’t have the skeelz to build myself a layout this nice from scratch, so….

  2. This Retro-Astronaut podcast thing seems like a great idea. Whoever thought that old videogames would be a compelling subject to dwell on for hours in an audio form. I can see potential in this creating a new frontier of internet edu-tainment.

    • Also I just realized that this episode would have been episode 100 if my iTunes feed is to be believed. Happy 100th.

  3. Holy heavens! While I certainly understand the reasons for discontinuing Retronauts on any regular basis, and would never whine for its return, I will not desist from being tremendously excited when things like this happen. And Sharkey! Had you somehow managed to get Shane Bettenhausen in the studio to say silly and indefensible things, my head would have exploded with retro joy.

  4. thanks for saving my day. I had to bury one of our cats today, so having an unexpected retronauts adventure to distract me is an extremely welcome surprise. honestly, thank you!

  5. Listening now and enjoying it. Also, bonus points for using stuff off of FFIV Celtic Moon… nearly forgot how good that disc was.

  6. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort in to make this happen. I know you don’t enjoy doing Retronauts and you aren’t to happy with how it ends up, but I very much appreciate that you have done it. It was an excellent episode and I’ll probably be listening to it again multiple times. Thank you.

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