Speaking of print thingees…

…I have also submitted the thingee you see to the right for a test/proof printing as of about two days ago. It’s been a long dang time since I’ve tried to draw anything at this level of quality (not to mention drafting an old-fashioned blatant homage-cum-parody of pop culture of the type that used to serve as the site’s splash page, back when people actually used splash pages and not just pre-stitial ads), so I do hope it holds up once it’s actually applied to paper. I admit to being a little concerned by the overall darkness of the color scheme; the RGB-to-CMYK conversion process tends to muddy things up, so this could turn out to be a big blob of inky darkness. I guess we’ll see!

I would like to be able to point you to an awesome GameSpite Quarterly 7 teaser page, but at the moment no such thing exists. But that’s cool. The book’s not supposed to go up for sale until Feb. 1. There’ll be plenty of time for things like indices and such.

One nice perk of the InDesign-based layout process we’ve been using and refining for the past year is that everything is much more compact than it was in GameSpite Quarterly 3 (of which this is obviously the evil counterpart), which means we crammed dozens of bios and several full articles about games (including Arkham Asylum, Super Punch-Out!!, and Dragon Quest IX) into exactly 200 pages. Which means a more affordable book! Honestly, GameSpite Quarterly was never meant to consist of hulking 300- to 450-page tomes, and it was kind of nice to get back to a more reasonably sized (yet still thematically complete) book. Of course, GameSpite Quarterly 8 is going to be the equivalent of a beach-ball-shaped dude who can’t find a belt in his size, but we’ll deal with its girthiness when the time comes.

In the meantime, please look forward to GameSpite Quarterly 7, due Feb. 1. It contains Boulder Dash fan fiction!

8 thoughts on “Speaking of print thingees…

  1. I thought it was Psylocke as well for whatever that’s worth. The text on the wall is a little too small to read so I’m going to venture a guess and say it’s the villian from Battletoads.

  2. Love the cover design Parish. The subject matter doesn’t interest me too much (having missed out on the 8-bit era) but I’ll be buying it for that art at least.

  3. Consider ti pre-ordered, my brithday is the 3rd of Feb, what a great present to myself ;-)

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