GSQ5: Blacker than your inky heart

With the third entry of our Noir in Gaming series (be sure to read part one and part two if you somehow missed them, you terrible monster, you), we edge quite close to finally closing the book on GameSpite Quarterly 5. Soon, you can read the whole dang issue online — perfect for the cheapskate in your family! Or, you know, the fiscally prudent. Or the impoverished. Or the person who thinks we’re all a bunch of stupid goons who don’t deserve your hard-earned cash. In other words, we’re not going to take it personally… unless it’s that last one, in which case: so’s your old man!

I don’t know if Mr. Fenlon intends to continue his Noir in Gaming series, but consider this: supposedly someone will be publishing a game this year called L.A. Noire. I foresee a fourth entry, if only to complain about that superfluous E at the end of the title.

3 thoughts on “GSQ5: Blacker than your inky heart

  1. I wonder about the title “L.A. Noire.” Is that grammatically correct? Are all cities automatically female in French or something? I know about zero French, so I have absolutely no clue.

    • I dunno, but isn’t “Los Angeles” a masculine construction in Spanish? Maybe there’s something they’re not telling us about this game!

      • Good point. And did some checking and it turns out cities are normally considered masculine in French, excepting those that end in “e.” At this point, I think an official explanation should be demanded from Rockstar.

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