GSQ5: And the rest

I keep meaning to post the rest of GSQ5‘s mini-articles on games, but we did a ton of them and they take an unreasonably long time to put together. Fortunately I was immobilized by a food coma yesterday, so I had nothing better to do. So, please to enjoy this roundup of the most interesting games released for NES in 1988 and 1989 (that don’t have full articles devoted to them). It is not a comprehensive listing of NES releases, but it’s better: a listing of worthwhile ones.

13 thoughts on “GSQ5: And the rest

  1. Interesting that MM2 didn’t get its own article, despite being the best game on the system (or second best, if you prefer SMB3).

    Is that because so many words have already been written about it on this site?

  2. “The game released for the NES in North America as Metal Gear was actually a heavily altered port of the original game, released only in Japan for the MSX-2 home computer. ”

    Wrong! The MSX2 original was also released in Netherlands

  3. Great articles. I always am amazed at the commendable efforts of Famiclone producers to rip-off people. WOW, I never knew there were ports of neo geo games on the famicom. Rockman 7, who needs an SFC.

    Also, how could you. Uncle Fester is my favorite of the Adams Family.

    • “I always am amazed at the commendable efforts of Famiclone producers to rip-off people.”

      That’s debatable, I guess. Remember “Famiclones” in developing countries sold for what would equal at most $120 today, compared to an imported NES (and its expensive original carts) starting at double that amount. Pirate carts started at $5 for, say, Duck Hunt, and up to $50 for the best games (newly released Battletoads cost me $52). Then you take into account the then average yearly salary of $7000-$10000 for middle class and it’s not such a bad thing after all.

      • True but I was mostly lamenting about the content of these
        games more than the price factor. Many Famiclones boasted about the
        huge number of games they contained, which isn’t true because they
        turn out to be merely 60 games (mostly very early famicom titles)
        or so that’s repeated lists after lists with either the same title
        or with some faked up sequel (Super Mario 12, Contra 27 etc.).
        Granted 60 games in 1 is a good bang for your buck. example:

  4. Not a very glowing writeup of Willow, which I think is one of the best action RPGs on the NES. And anyone find it interesting that the sword mechanics are almost identical to what would end up in A Link to the Past?

  5. If you’re referring to the overhead map and the three life system, then I can see what you mean about Zelda II and Battle of Olympus, I guess. (Though it’s too bad it would take years for overhead RPGs to even start making enemy encounters visible the way the former did.) Still though, BoO’s combat was a bit weaker.

  6. And how do you feel Faxanadu is “supposed to” be pronounced, given that it is a combination of words passed through three languages?

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