GSQ5: Not safe for work or family gatherings

I always like to post seasonal stuff when a holiday rolls around, but truth be told there’s nothing left to go up from GameSpite Quarterly 5 that has any relevance whatsoever to Christmas. Or Chanukah. Or, hell, Kwanzaa. So, I decided to do the next best thing and post the issue’s not-work-safe article — after all, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are always, always the lowest-traffic days of the year, and hardly anyone is at the office today. So I don’t have to worry much about work safety.

You probably shouldn’t click if your family is gathered around your computer at the moment, though. Unless your family is totally cool like that.

This is also the single most heavily researched article I wrote for GSQ5; the histories of the NES’s unlicensed publishers is well-documented by this point, but it’s scattered across the web, and I made sure to do a lot of fact-checking. I’m sure some minor error slipped through, of course. That’s just the nature of having to publish on the sly and not having a full-time staff on hand to catch mistakes. My apologies in advance.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 3rd Birthday to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “GSQ5: Not safe for work or family gatherings

  1. I was one of those kids who was very much interested in the Wisdom Tree games. But really, there was only one that I really, _really_ wanted, and that was worth anything. That would be Spiritual Warfare. While it certainly doesn’t hit the heights of its inspiration, it’s a pretty decent Zelda-like.

  2. I always thought Cheetahmen’s popularity was due to the remarkably catchy theme song. Bad games should be forbidden from having memorable music like that… it helps them grow into memes.

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