GSQ5: Never leave Eurasia alive

I am truckin’ along in my mission to finish posting all the content from GameSpite Quarterly 5 by year’s end, though the fact that I spent all day yesterday either at the office or in a car en route to L.A. may have thrown a permanent wrinkle into my ambitions. I would like to thank San Francisco Bay Area holiday traffic for making the process of driving 20 miles in the early afternoon a several-hour ordeal. Funnily enough, L.A. traffic was totally painless.

I would like to note that this Strider article was posted under hazardous conditions, as an adorable 11-month-old child keeps peeking around the corner of my MacBook screen and smiling at me. Then, when I’m distracted and cooing at how cute he is, he slams his hands against my keyboard. Adorable.

I would be remiss in failing to note that the latest episode of Cast at Demonhead is online. I’m on it! This is not as big a deal as it’s being hyped up to be. You should listen to the show not because I’m on it, but because it’s a heartwarming conversation between e-friends. About GameSpite Quarterly. Aww.

7 thoughts on “GSQ5: Never leave Eurasia alive

  1. I only played through the NES Strider on its GBA port, which seems to have even more slowdown than the original cart, but the few good elements in there make it a game I really wanna like…even though I friggin’ hate that laggy, shoddy, half-assed mess.

    Well, the Kazakh music was pretty awesome. Shame it slows down whenever anything appears on the screen.

  2. Mrs. Tarumi worked on MM3? I thought that was a BunBun solo effort?

    Anyway, this is the game I think of when I hear Strider; I never even knew about the other version until late into the 90s. I actually finished it back in the day, but got nowhere trying to replay it on the GBA port. Just getting old, I guess.

    Still, my favorite part of NES Strider is how when you quit and receive your password you get those pulpy “NEXT TIME ON STRIDER” teasers. More games should do that.

  3. I remember Strider as well. I guess its main saving grace was the range and quick striking speed of Hiryu’s cipher, though that wasn’t missing from the arcade version and its reproductions. I remember making Hogan’s Alley jokes during the ending, which had the whole diagonal credit thing going on. (Super Sharpshooter!)

    I remember how mind-blowing it was back in the day that the Genesis version was 8 megs in size. It cost like $70-75 on release, though.

    It wouldn’t hurt to see Strider 2 show up on PSN.

  4. That’s the big secret about LA traffic. It’s only bad between the hours of 7 – 10:30AM and 4:30 – 8:00PM.

    Unfortunately that’s because it’s a time vortex, where if you’re caught in the former you are transported to the latter and vice versa.

  5. I had fun watching my parents play this when I was growing up. I would love to see a new Strider which takes the story/exploratory elements/power-ups of this game, and mix it with the arcade’s action and style.

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