GSQ5: Dating a high schooler

So when I first wrote this article, it was based on an advance screening of the Scott Pilgrim movie, which hadn’t yet been released in theatres. It was fresh and topical! Now, months later, everyone’s like, “Ho hum, some movie from months ago, whatevs.” Dash and confound these temporal delays! Anyway, please humor me and read it anyway. It’s short and, I feel, refreshingly not belabored at all.

3 thoughts on “GSQ5: Dating a high schooler

  1. No matter how impressively Scott’s battles are presented, the onlookers within the story seem bored. The Scott Pilgrim franchise itself seems to have fared the same. Regardless, a ton of passion and talent went into book, movie and game, so I hope everybody involved with them has a long and fruitful career ahead.

    My college’s bookstore was playing Clash at Demonhead’s opening song yesterday!

  2. Didn’t care for the movie at all. It was kind of gross, to be honest. And I absolutely loathe hipsters and their awful music, so the whole thing turned me off. Makes me want a No More Heroes movie, oddly enough.

    Game is pretty cool, though! A bit repetitive, but it looks cool and, well, I have a weakness for 2-D brawlers. Could have been set in Pee-Wee Herman land, for all I care.

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