Like rain on your something something

Typical — after making a big deal about getting back onto a nightly update routine, I missed last night’s post. It’s all in a good cause, though. I used my update time (and then some) to participate in this week’s (month’s? I’m not sure what the schedule is) Cast at Demonhead. Not sure when that’s going up, but now that I’ve participated in the podcast run by a bunch of people using the forums on site I run, I feel like the universe is whole again at last.

4 thoughts on “Like rain on your something something

  1. You gave us a double post during the week so all is forgiven. A link to the podcast would be nice! Can do with another podcast to keep me warm on my commute, it’s starting to snow here again!

    • Thanks.

      For some reason I was googling Cash at Demonhead which didn’t work. I’m not with it today.

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