GSQ6: Leave it to Lammy

It’s a shame I’m so godawfully terrible at rhythm games, because I love the effervescent personality of the Parappa series (even if Parappa 2 was such a grim misstep that its failings are obvious even to an apostate like me). I’ve never even bothered with Parappa’s first sequel, UmJammer Lammy, because I am musically incompetent. It looks like a wonderful, whimsical game! But it’s also said to be considerably harder than Parappa, and there’s nothing I hate more than dropping 40 bucks on a game whose first level I can’t finish.

9 thoughts on “GSQ6: Leave it to Lammy

  1. Gitaroo Man is the only rhythm game I ever bothered to learn enough of to finish. Man, playing it on PSP will seriously put a hurt on your fingers.

  2. Why is Parappa 2 such an obvious misstep? I have the game and it’s basically just more Parappa.

    Music isn’t as good?

    It’s just tired?

  3. I dunno Parish. Your singing voice is pretty good!

    Then again, Rock Band still doesn’t judge based on enthusiasm or even how much you try to project into the mic. Rather, it dutifully teaches how music is a matter of rhythm and pitch, and zero soul.

    I’ve never played UmJammer Lammy, but I thought Shivam conveyed its soul pretty well.

  4. Yeah, I heard so many people talk up Lammy that I picked up a used copy in Osaka for less than $2. Couldn’t even beat the first stage, put it aside in shame. At least I didn’t spend much.

  5. Actually, I found Lammy much easier than regular Parappa. In most of the levels, I had to make an active EFFORT if I wanted to hear the entire SONGS, since I would generally hit “cool”–and thereby go into jam-session mode–without even trying (the exception being that damn caterpillar level, in which I couldn’t achieve coolness no matter what I did).

    Still a great game, though. Lammy’s an awesome character.

  6. This game had one of the craziest stories I’ve ever experienced. I don’t do drugs, but I imagine this must be what an LSD trip is like.

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