GSQ5: Sorry, boss, I dropped the retrospective

As you prepare to celebrate the peace offering that once preceded a massive appropriation of land from an unsuspecting indigenous people, let the spirit of gluttony live on with this retrospective on Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom. I had my own thoughts on the game written out, but that idiot Percy accidentally deleted them all.

5 thoughts on “GSQ5: Sorry, boss, I dropped the retrospective

  1. I love this terrible game in big part because of its wacky Japanese produce styles. I mean, you take down an Orochi analogue made of bananas. What’s not to love about that?

    Of course, my favorite thing was the differences I found in the Japanese version, particularly that old coffee lady being a cigarette dealer. Heck, the exterior of her cigarette-shaped shop wasn’t even edited. I’ll never look at the main strip the same way again.

  2. Apparently Percy also tripped and dropped the header images for the article. Damn clumsy and/or deeply evil persimmon.

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