Crappy Airport Comix Vol. 2

Right now I’m sitting in a French bakery, unintentionally eavesdropping on a pair of NYC fashion models lamenting the hardships of being beautiful. Meanwhile, I am posting lousy doodles of video game designers. I am a living exercise in contrasts!

7 thoughts on “Crappy Airport Comix Vol. 2

  1. Since you seem to be in a mood for puns: The Will Wright Brothers. It just popped into my head thirty seconds ago and makes no sense if you think about it at all, but I’m sure you can make something with it.

  2. I admire you infinitely more than those conceited, plastic whores.

    Women who bitch and moan about the “terrible” burden of beauty are totally shallow and completely superficial.

    You may be a geek, but at least you’re real.

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